They say that beauty is only skin deep...our Beautiful Bones say otherwise.


Enhance your authenticity and showcase your beautiful face kissed in gold from top to bottom!


Unisex in nature to embrace the entirety of your anatomically gorgeous face.

Ahead of Vanity

SKU: 0002
  • Quantity:

    - (2) Sets of Anatomical Frontal Bones (forehead)

    - (2) Sets of Maxillae (upper jaw)

    - (2) Anatomical Maxillae (upper jaw)

    - (2) Mandibles (lower jaw)

    - (4) Sets of Nasal Cavities 

    [4 Sheets Total]


    Size: Fits All;

    *With slight variations depending on your measurements; Beautiful Bones was researched via multiple medical journals/studies to consider the median sizing of human anatomy, and has been designed accordingly.

    Additional Sizing may become available in the near future.