You're a dizzy dreamer and a daring embodiment of the cards you've been dealt. You are a Golden Child who believes in life's magic and of the radiance that eminates through your Beautiful Bones. 


Here is your permission to have a moment of doting narcissim. Embrace your Beautiful Bones from your head, your heart, your teeth and your hands with the first full range of *ALL* of the Beautiful Bones elements.


Unisex in nature to empower your true beauty. Who ever you are, however you are. You Are Beautiful.

Golden Child

  • Quantity: 

    - (2) Sets of Anatomical Frontal Bones (forehead)

    - (2) Sets of Maxillae (upper jaw)

    - (2) Anatomical Maxillae (upper jaw)

    - (2) Mandibles (lower jaw)

    - (4) Sets of Nasal Cavities 

    - (2) Sets of Anatomical Hands

    - (2) Bisected Anatomical Hearts

    - (4) Sets of Teeth

    [12 Sheets Total]



    Size: Fits All;

    *With slight variations depending on your measurements; Beautiful Bones was researched via multiple medical journals/studies to consider the median sizing of human anatomy, and has been designed accordingly.