Welcome to Your World

I am over-the-moon thrilled to welcome you all to the origin of SkinLux Cosmetics "Beautiful Bones".

Beautiful Bones is an inventive way to celebrate you!

As an Independent Artist it is my pleasure to invite every one to revel in their own authenticity and in doing so you will be simultaneously be supporting:

- The Arts

- Encouraging Your Communities to engage in broader perspective about Beauty

- and did I mention that *You* will be Contributing to Charitable Causes with every purchase made?

*The month of October is "Breast Cancer Awareness Month" and a percentage of *all* profits from the introductory line of Beautiful Bones will be allocated to a facility actively involved in Breast Cancer Research, Treatment, and Prevention.

Smash your beauty standards.

Embrace your individualistic authenticity.

Celebrate and radiate in your very own Beautiful Bones!

Because You. Are. Magic.

CEO/Designer/Producer/Key MUAH

LillianWinters / Lauren Michelle

IG @LillianWinters/ @SkinLuxCosmetics


Alex Derhakopian

IG @AlexMate


Amy Christine

IG @AmyChristineHair

MU Assistant



Music Track

"Run" by SleepMask / Ming Vauz

IG @Ming_Vauz

Talented People Just Like You and Me

Amy Jasmine / @_AmyJasminePhoto

Caitlin Stickers / @CaitinKitten

Amanda Jones / @SugarPepperJones

Ming Vauz / @Ming_Vauz

Daniel Egbert / @Daniel.J.Egbert

Devin Todd / @Devin_Todd

Veronica Yune / @YuneGal

Ed Robles / @Special777Ed

Brooke McKenzie / @BrookeMcKenzieModel

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