Where We Begin

The fundamental elements of why we created Beautiful Bones and what makes our SkinArt special:

1) All Art Elements are Unisex! - Multiple medical journals were researched and cross-referenced to design to the

median human anatomy to compliment all shapes and sizes as best as possible

with our introductory line.

- The design elements of Beautiful Bones allow for each user to cut, customize, and share

each design where necessary or desired.

2) Streamlined Ease of Application - Takes approximately 1 - 10 minutes to cut out the designs depending on use.

- Takes approximately 30-40 seconds per portion in application.

- You can apply any piece of SkinArt by yourself or with a friend!

3) Element Resistant Properties + Long Lasting Quality - Waterproof, Sweat Resilient, Ergonomic Comfort of Wear.

- Designs can be worn up to 3-5 days with normal daily exposure; although scrubbing with

soap in the shower or applying lotions, or anything overtly topical can drastically shorten

the clarity of the SkinArt along with the products lifespan.

- Any unused SkinArt has a shelf life of 5 years! (Best kept somewhere out of direct sunlight,

and controlled temperature environment.)

4) Ease of removal - Natural oils and most makeup removers will do the trick without a fuss!

- Gentle Compress to loosen the polymers and light circular scrubbing motions will break-

up the SkinArt.

- Once the SkinArt is removed you can continue your skin care routine

(Cleanse, Tone, *Moisturize as usual)

5) Cruelty-Free Products

- SkinLux Cosmetics "Beautiful Bones" SkinArt designs are not tested on animals

- All of our SkinArt is made with FDA approved ingredients.

- The SkinArt designs are created from a combination of synthetic + plant derivative


6) Sustainable Packaging

- SkinLux Cosmetics sources out companies that choose to support and

implement recyclable materials in regards to papers, plastics, and packaging.

- Our cards envelopes are made from at least 30% post-consumer waste.

- Envelopes and cards are processed chlorine-free (PCF)

- Our efforts are not perfect, but they are sincere, and we are working towards being as close

to 100% eco-friendly as possible.

7) Supports Local Small Business + Charity

- SkinLux Cosmetics SkinArt is designed by independent artist Lillian Winters, and

is manufactured locally in Souther California.

- SkinLux is a one-woman operation and is successful with the help of colleagues, friends,

family, and you!

- Because SkinLux Cosmetics is a labor-of-love, intended to promote positive conversation

and contributions to the community, we will always choose to allocate a percentage of

profits made to benefit charity.

8) Supports and Cross-promotes Independent Artists

- SkinLux Cosmetics is on a mission to support and cross-promote Indie Artists and will do

so in it's continued evolution.

Thank you for being a part of our beginning.

I am looking forward to sharing our continued beauty magic together.



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