Beauty Becomes Us All

SkinLux wants to start a conversation with you about beauty.

We found that everyone has interesting ideas about what beauty means to them,

and even more so many people had a hard time identifying with the notion of considering

themselves beautiful. Life is full of beauty and we truly believe it is a facet of our lives that should be celebrated on a deeper level, with broader perspectives, more respect, and understanding.

So we want to know...

Who ever you are, How ever you are - What does beauty mean to you?

SkinLux Cosmetics' "Golden Child" Miss Veronica Yune

Name: Veronica Yune

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Q: What does beauty mean and where do you find beauty?

Beauty is in the confidence that shines from within and radiates through to the outside! Confident people, they have a natural glow about them and that glow seems to transfer an energy onto others.

Q: What do you find most beautiful about other people? How about yourself?

Shared laughter! It is contagious and I think a smile changes everything about someone or a situation. There is an honesty to laughter that really can connect people, and I love to laugh.

You do have quite an infectious smile and laughter!

Veronica Yune at Lucha VaVOOM!

Q: When has beauty ever surprised you?

Not a specific moment that I can recall, but I am often struck by the beauty of performance arts. I started learning how to be an aerial performer a couple of years ago, and when I was researching the history of circus arts, I found a curious beauty in the vintage photos of circus & burlesque performers from the past. The pageantry of the choreography, and makeup and costumes are so pleasing. And although I am fascinated by the skills, the costumes are what initially struck my interests!

Veronica Yune affectionately nicknamed "Boop in a Hoop"

Q: SkinLux believes that each person has a powerhouse of passion bubbling on the inside. Do you have any passion projects or art currently in the works?

As an aerialist I am currently training hard to fuse two of my passions: Circus Arts & Burlesque in one!

I train everyday, and whenever I can find the time, because it makes me feel powerful and beautiful. You can see me combining these two elements in my acts around Los Angeles! I will be rocking some SkinLux Beautiful Bones at the Lucha VaVOOM Halloween show October 26th + 27th, and you will even be able to see me sharing the stage with my Lucha VaVOOM family in February 2017!

Miss Veronica entertaining the crowd with her beauty, strength, and (of course) her signature smile!

Veronica Yune is an entertainer who continues to broaden her artistic capabilities and impact through performance arts. Lillian met Miss Yune while the two of them were studying theatre in college. Although the two never had classes together, or performed together, they both respected one another's talent and keep in touch through mutual friends and social media. Most recently, Veronica assisted and performed with Lillian Winters during Lillian's burlesque performance with New Orleans Band Bon Bon Vivant at Clifton's Cafeteria in Downtown Los Angeles, September 16th. While Beautiful Bones was in the process of development, we knew that Veronica's captivating personality and charm would be a welcome addition to the SkinLux Team.

Be sure to check Veronica Yune's solo aerial performance with Lucha VaVOOM come February 2017!

You can follow Veronica’s aerial journey and celebrate with her on:

YouTube: Veronica Yune

Instagram: @Yunegal

Facebook: Veronica Yune

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