Beauty Becomes Us All

SkinLux wants to start a conversation with you about beauty.

We found that everyone has interesting ideas about what beauty means to them,

and even more so many people had a hard time identifying with the notion of considering

themselves beautiful. Life is full of beauty and we truly believe it is a facet of our lives that should be celebrated on a deeper level, with broader perspectives, more respect, and understanding.

So we want to know...

Who ever you are, How ever you are - What does beauty mean to you?

"Crash Landing" in Joshua Tree, California by Photographer Katherine Kirchner

Name: Brooke McKenzie

Hometown: Plainville CT

Q: What does beauty mean and where do you find beauty?

Beauty is universal. It is the love we can choose to find in one another.

Q: What do you find most beautiful about other people? How about yourself?

The most beautiful thing about people is their story. Their legend.

In myself, I find my creativity most beautiful. It is a gift. Our gifts are beautiful.

"Glossy as Hell" by Photographer Armpit Mehta

Q: When has beauty ever surprised you?

Beauty surprises me when I see it in nature and in art.

Q: SkinLux believes that each person has a powerhouse of passion bubbling on the inside. Do you have an passion projects or art currently in the works?

I'm currently shooting as much as possible, going to school and focusing on arming myself with knowledge for the future.

"Leave Those Kids Alone" by Photographer Armpit Mehta

Brooke McKenzie is an entrepreneur who balances her time working both in front of and behind the camera in the entertainment industry. Lillian met Brooke through Director Alex Derhakopian and was impressed with her professionalism and hustle. When Brooke expressed her interest in Beautiful Bones Lillian reached out to invite Brooke to celebrate her unique beauty modeling her Beautiful Bones for our SkinArt debut.

You can follow Brooke's entertainment journey and celebrate with her on:

Instagram: @brookemckenziemodel

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