Beauty Becomes Us All

SkinLux wants to start a conversation with you about beauty.

We found that everyone has interesting ideas about what beauty means to them,

and even more so many people had a hard time identifying with the notion of considering

themselves beautiful. Life is full of beauty and we truly believe it is a facet of our lives that should be celebrated on a deeper level, with broader perspectives, more respect, and understanding.

So we want to know...

Who ever you are, How ever you are - What does beauty mean to you?

Nickie Jean showing off her SkinLux SkinArt "Gilded Heart" + "A Touch of Gold"

by Photographer Chad Michael Ward

Name: Nickie Jean

Hometown: Alamogordo New Mexico

Q: What does beauty mean and where do you find beauty?

To me beauty is an expression of love that you can find in anything from another person, to a moment you experience, or the everyday beauty of our earth that mirrors back to our soul every day. Beauty is in anything that makes you experience the vibration of love.

Q: What do you find most beautiful about other people? How about yourself?

I think the thing I find most beautiful in other people is when they embody empathy. Everyone has those moments when it seems that things are falling apart, or are in pure chaos, or sadness and when another human decides to be the source of empathy, I think they become the most beautiful creature and are in the highest state our kind can be in. When I am that source to others I feel the most honored to be a living human and feel that I am at my highest potential of being beautiful.

Glamorous Nickie Jean in print

Q: When has beauty ever surprised you?

Beauty surpises me the most in nature. There have been some moments in my life gazing upon nature that I could have never imagined and it takes me by surprise.

Q: SkinLux believes that each person has a powerhouse of passion bubbling on the inside. Do you have an passion projects or art currently in the works?

My passion in life lately has been concentrated in music and writing. I have two new collaborations in the works and I am slowly working on a solo project. It is a big learning process for me with production (and the programs used) so I can't really say when my solo project will be finished, but as I continue to progress it has been teaching me a lot about myself. I am about to start working on a new music video with my project that I am doing with producer 24th Element and I will be releasing a single with one of my other collaborative partners.

Natural Beauty Nickie Jean

Nickie Jean is a model, actor, songbird, lyricist, and all around out-of-this-world artist. Nickie is currently working on her first two solo musical projects as Ziggy Jean and had been previously involved with her band The Starkwalkers. You can often see Miss Jean gracing the covers of OC Weekly, LA Weekly, and Dark Beauty Magazine (among many other publications).

Having been enamored with Nickie Jean and her extraterrestrial presence in art for the last couple of years, Lillian reached out to their mutual friend (and photographer) Chad Michael Ward (who is one of Nickie's constant collaborators) to set up a SkinLux collaboration. Nickie's natural radiance and light-hearted spirit translates in all of her work and SkinLux Cosmetics is over-the-moon to include Nickie and her Beautiful Bones in our adventures in our introductory line of SkinArt.

You can follow Nickie Jeans' magical journey and celebrate with her on:


Instagram: @NickieJean

Facebook: Nickie Jean

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