Beauty Becomes Us All

SkinLux wants to start a conversation with you about beauty.

We found that everyone has interesting ideas about what beauty means to them,

and even more so many people had a hard time identifying with the notion of considering

themselves beautiful. Life is full of beauty and we truly believe it is a facet of our lives that should be celebrated on a deeper level, with broader perspectives, more respect, and understanding.

So we want to know...

Who ever you are, How ever you are - What does beauty mean to you?

Sally St. Rose for Crystal Casey of High Voltage Hair Photography by Stephanie Michelle

Name: Sally St. Rose Hometown: Norfolk, Va

Q: What does beauty mean and where do you find beauty?

Beauty has a thousand meanings and can be found all over the world & beyond. I find beauty in everything; from helping those in need ( be it humans or animals), the look in a persons eyes when they are passionate about something, to the colors of the sky when the sun is setting and how the clouds weave through the evening hues. These are the moments when you sit in awe of the beauty that surrounds you.

Q: What do you find most beautiful about other people? How about yourself?

I feel what makes us most beautiful is also what makes us unique. Seeing someone embrace themselves and express self love is truly beautiful and inspiring. I try to be my most authentic self in everything that I do; and that includes being smart, loving, humorous, enthusiastic, motivated and confident. So what I find beautiful about me is that I am true to myself and that I do my best to project that inner beauty outwards.

Sally St. Rose and her 1st rescue sphynx Jobie

Q: When has beauty ever surprised you?

When I first started burlesque years ago, I had no idea the impact it would have on my creative side and self confidence. I was making everything from my pasties and gowns, to hand rhinestoning each garment (and it takes A LOT of rhinestones to fully cover a piece!). Being up on stage, commanding the attention of the audience, exposing my true self and dancing beautifully, really gave me great appreciation for my body. Like most people, everyone has that one part of their outward appearance they are not fully happy with, but on stage, all that disappeared. The beauty of burlesque allowed me to fully love myself.

Sally St. Rose Back Stage preparing for her burlesque performance

Photography by Cara Walton

Q: SkinLux believes that each person has a powerhouse of passion bubbling on the inside. Do you have an passion projects or art currently in the works?

I do! Besides my burlesque, renovating the tattoo shop I manage, and assisting in cat rescue, I invented a product to help makeup sponges dry called "Airabella Crown".

I am so excited about this product because I know it will help people extend the life of their makeup sponges and it is a tool that is missing from the beauty market! Currently, I am patent pending and the website for Arabella Crown will be live very soon.

Sally St. Rose on her way to a business meeting for Airabella Crown

Sally St. Rose is an animal activist, model, burlesque performer, and creative entrepreneur. Sally is working on utilizing her boss skills and creative mind to take the makeup industry by storm with her revolutionary cosmetics product Airabella Crown. When Lillian first reached out to Sally St. Rose about SkinLux Beautiful Bones she had inquired about whether or not the product was vegan friendly (which had been SkinLux's intentions, but we could not confirm 100%), so Sally took it upon herself to thoroughly investigate Beautiful Bones. Upon her extensive research Sally came to the understanding that SkinLux Beautiful Bones is indeed Vegan/Vegan Friendly and she has since received an honorary doctorate from SkinLux Cosmetics in the field of Vegan Certification and Research.

Having been inspired by Sally St. Rose's zest for love and live (which is ever apparent in her radiant and welcoming energy) Lillian is proud to support and promote fellow entrepreneurs and artists alike. We wish for Sally's continued success and SkinLux Cosmetics is thankful to include and involve Sally St. Rose and her Beautiful Bones in our adventures in our introductory line of SkinArt.

You can follow Sally St. Rose's artistic journey and celebrate with her on:

Website: Airabella Crown Coming soon!

Instagram: @SallyStRose

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